Bold, Vintage, Comfort : 2015 Let Interior Design inspire Wedding Decor

As we all come down off our chocolaty sugar highs from Valentine’s Day and the

realities of just saying “YES!” start to sink in…let’s try to get a grip and slow the

whirlwind. Deep breaths. Stare at your ring. More deep breaths. There you go!

Now what? Now begins a time in your life that will be exhilarating and stressful.

There will be a lot of ups and downs. Maybe there will be some tears, but tons of

smiles and accomplishments are on their way! Where to begin?

The overriding trend in events and wedding planning over the last 8-10 years is

“personalization” – making your wedding day fully reflect you as a couple! As on

shows like X-Factor and American Idol, the phrase “Make it your own” gets

thrown around like a dodge ball. But, that is just so vague. So mysterious. So

monumentally not helpful. In fact, many of our couples come to us overwhelmed

at the unlimited possibilities and lack of an idea of where to start!

Whether we are planning a wedding al fresco, or our client has booked a

stunning ballroom for their reception (hey, some do both!), the creation of

“space and experience” begins. One place we like to look for inspiration when

designing a wedding day is toward the trends in Interior Design. As Edina

Monsoon from Absolutely Fabulous so wisely tells us, “What you can tell about a

person, you can see on their coffee table!”  

Trends in Interior Design are typically longer lasting than trends in fashion, as

interior design decisions are usually quite a significant investment. It is much

easier to buy a new dress, than change the sofa in your living room! Amiright?

In 2015 we are seeing design choices being made that speak to comfort, peace,

and an “escape”. We’re also seeing attention on bold trim and accents (lots

of stripes out there) and vintage, antique, and weathered pieces (real or

faux). Let’s take a visual journey translating these interior design trends

into a stunning celebration.

Trend #1 Comfort and Ease.  The plush, overstuffed sofa and sectional are

coming back in a big way this year. A focus on the home as a place to recharge

the smartphone, the mind, and the soul has gained popularity in recent years.

So how does that translate to your wedding? For us, it is all about the fabric

choice, flowers, and styling.

To bring that sense of comfort and ease to your wedding day, pick a dress with

flowing fabrics (chiffon or silk) and you will begin to set that mood the very

moment your guests see you. Hair should be easy, flowing. The formal 

lacquered up-do is going the way of the dodo bird: Let your hair down!

For the Gentlemen, let’s soften the look with rounded edges, simple lines, and 

go with a gray suit. Check out this heather gray wool suit by Allure Men by Jean

Yves. Notice the rounded detail in the lapel. So sharp (pun intended). These

small details make a big impact.

For floral treatments on your wedding day, the “floral garland” is making a

statement this year. It absolutely adds a level of subtle, quiet beauty to any

space. It is a rebellion against the traditional centerpiece table treatment. Of

course the lush look can be used in the traditional sense, creating clouds of

flowers above your tables.

Garland centerpiece photo by
Floral wall garland from
Staircase floral photo by
Tall centerpiece photo by

Trend #2 Bold Trim & Accents:

In the home, painting your window frames a dark color and using big oversized

stripes is gaining traction for 2015. As Details magazine explains, “a woman

wearing eyeliner and mascara knows this fact: when you draw a dark line around

something, you pay attention to it.”

Striped wall dining photo by Bludoor Studios.
Ombre stairs from

To bring this to your wedding day, go for colorful wedding party attire, or bold

linens. Contrast patterns with one bold tone in your flowers to keep things

interesting, but not busy. To be totally on-trend for 2015, Marsala is a very

romantic choice for a signature color. This deep red tone can be paired with soft

pinks and greens in the spring and summer. For the Fall, complement the deep-

red with patterned feathers in browns and tans for real drama!

Trend #3 Vintage & Weathered

This aesthetic has been around for a long time. There is however a surge in its

popularity and application in the home. In a time when technology advances so

quickly, we are starting to appreciate and long for pieces that have survived

history. There are countless ways to bring this feel to any event.

Bring this idea into your wedding with mercury glass vases and candle

holders. Shop vintage and junk shops for unique one-of-a-kind pieces. Old

doors and window frames with a whitewash or crackle finish can be

repurposed to create structure and architecture for an outdoor or tented


Every interpretation will be different. What is it that you find comfort in? What is

bold to you? However you end up answering those questions is what will help

you live up to the “make it your own” mantra.

Now look at that ring, again. Breathe.

Happy planning!


John & Nicole

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