Claire & Pete - Brooklyn, NY

Pete works in publishing and is a member of the band #LostGloves. Claire works for a tech start-up and is an actress. Busy Brooklynites with very little time in a day to plan a wedding, they quickly sought us out to make their wedding day a success. See the rather adorable way Pete asked Claire to marry him (! Well done, right?

As many brides can attest, finding your wedding dress can be the most daunting part of the whole process. Events by SB’s Creative Director has a proven track record of matching Bride to Dress very quickly (but that may have to do with the light #MimosaBrunch we treat you to the day of shopping!)


Hunting for Claire’s dress, we came across a stunning 1950’s lace and tulle circle skirt dress with a pleated satin waist hanging in the window of Rosebud Vintage in Crown Heights, BK!

This was her dress! It was everything Claire was hoping to find. As told by the shop owner, the dress was a custom-made design in the early part of the decade. This dress should not have fit Claire because of its measurements, but we were undeterred “Put it on, lets just see…” When Claire came out of the dressing room “OMG it’s a TARDIS dress.” That is when Claire knew. This was all meant to be! 


On a gloriously warm mid-October Saturday, the guests entered the mansion to a Merchant’s Table covered in sheepskin, bricks, wheat, ore, and wood. In place of table assignments, each guest received a glass mug for their beer and whiskey! 

Tables were set with pumpkins and gourds that were scattered around vintage books found at thrift stores throughout Brooklyn (some dating back as far as 1904!).


The bar was set in the Conservatory, with its big glass panes and colorful Tiffany Glass transom windows. Just beyond the Conservatory was a tented patio where the tables were set up family style. Decorated with more of the warty gourds and vintage novels. We added tall trumpet vases filled with beet-powder dyed water and in each vase a single “blade” of 6’ tall decorative grass was placed. It was simple yet dramatic. 

Out in the yard, we set up a table for the couple’s friends to serve the beer they brewed for the occasion. In keeping with the bride’s choice of Beet Red for inspiration, a homebrew of Beet Beer was served! 


The ceremony took place after an hour of cocktails and mingling with their guests, as the couple had decided instead of “a wedding that had a party” they wanted to have a “party that happened to have a wedding.” For bouquets and boutonnieres, we stormed the Whole Foods organic produce department for Kale, Beets, Swiss Chard, Asparagus and Red Endive. This was such a great challenge! Claire loved her edible bouquet! 




In lieu of a sit-down meal, their guests noshed on delicious light appetizers with a few beet-centric choices provided by #BassetCatering until the groom’s favorite taco truck arrived, #Calexico! They were phenomenal! Instead of the traditional cake-cutting, there was a “doughnut-splitting” of fresh made apple cider doughnuts! 



Everyone danced until the very last minute they could! Friend of the Couple DJ was on fire, and ended the night with party favorite and strangely heart warming Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York”!

Sheep for Wheat!?

Planning & Decor:

Claire’s Dress: Vintage find from 

Pete’s Suit: Custom by

Catering: &


Venue: The Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture

Tent Rental:

Claire’s Hair & Make-up: Norah Salazar

Beet Juice Saison by #GlassbootBrewers